Astana LRT explains service of free transfers under graded tariff

01 August, 2018, 17:56 295
Astana LRT explains service of free transfers under graded tariff

Free transfers operate in right manner, according to Astana LRT.

Astana LRT representative told about free transfer under graded tariffs, correspondent informs.

User of transport card has a right for one free transfer within 60 minutes from the moment of the first validation. While getting on, the passenger should validate his transport card. During the moment of getting on the other bus, the passenger has to validate as well, however the fare is not taken. When validating, the message ‘Transfer’ will be displayed on the screen of the validator. The change can be made from the city route to the city, from express to express, from express to city, from suburban to city routes, " director of the public relations department of Astana LRT Nauat Azanbayeva wrote on her Facebook page.

To make a free transfer from a suburban route to a city route, you need to do the following:

- when getting on the bus on the territory of the suburban area, attach the card to the validator; the terminal screen will display a message about the validation ("check-in");

- when you getting out the suburban route in the city, you must attach the card to the validator, there will be a closing of the trip in the suburb ("check-out"), the system will start counting 60 minutes, during which a transfer to the city route is available;

- while getting on the bus, following the city route, attach the card to the validator. The system will report the transfer.

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