Astana starts Civil Forum

27 November, 2018, 11:02 466
Astana starts Civil Forum

The Forum will last 2 days at 35 sites in the capital city of Kazakhstan, Astana. 


Astana has begun the Civil Forum aiming at developing an open dialogue of the civic sector, governmental agencies, business structures, international organizations, and expert communities. The event was attended by Kazakh Social Development Minister Darkhan Kaletayev, correspondent reports.  

Opening the Civil Forum, held twice a year in Kazakhstan, the Minister noted that the 2018 Forum stands out by the participation of the head of state, which is his first-ever participation since 2005. 

"The Forum is of a great principal significance, we are to talk about how to go on living, which is the matter of principle. And it is the development of the civic society and the non-governmental sector. It is also very important to the Ministry. Firstly, before adopting legal acts, solutions in this sphere, we would like to hear from you, your opinion. We have conducted a lot of work - you might know that regional civic forums were conducted in all the regions of the country. As of today, their delegates are present here. I think that we can a good dialogue between the state and the civic society in such a close circle," said Darkhan Kaletayev. 

In addition, the Minister noted the great attention paid to the Forum and to develop the civic society from the Government of Kazakhstan. 

The Civil Forum is held once in two years to show the current image of the civic society and present the best practices of social initiatives. Within the 8th session of the Forum, 35 thematic sessions in the format of seminars, master classes, roundtables, discussion sites, sectoral meetings with heads of Ministries and Departments will take place to consolidate civil society institutes, to discuss proposals on the improvement of the legal base for cooperation of non-commercial organizations with governmental agencies.  

The event aims at stimulating the development of an open dialogue of civic society, governmental agencies, business structures, international organizations, and the expert community. 

The Forum will bring together 850 participants to develop civil society institutions, and to update the participation of citizens in governance processes. 

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