Astana uses Barcelona experience to turn Zhastar district into smart one

16 July, 2018, 14:46 213
Astana uses Barcelona experience to turn Zhastar district into smart one

The district already tests some directions of the innovation technologies.

International Congress of Archeologists is held in Astana today July 16, 2018.

Speaking during the event Chairman of Board of Astana Innovations JSC Оlzhas Sartayev informed on Smart city projects’ implementation in one of Astana city’s districts, correspondent reports.

Innovation, green technology and urbanism, combined together, will allow us to formulate a standard for smart urban planning. On a basis of the Barcelona city’s development experience including creation and approbation of solutions from one of the areas where innovations were introduced, a whole team of urbanists, economists, sociologists and specialists in green technologies worked, from where the process to transformation began, Astana Innovations decided to launch pilot projects on development of one smart district in Astana. Thus, the pilot zone will test three key directions innovations and technological solutions (introduction of new technologies for solving communal problems); the second - urban planning and architectural planning; the third is the development of the principles of sustainable development (introduction of green technologies).

“The working title of the project Smart district. Zhastar district was defined as an area which will undergo innovations. The result will be the formation of an innovative urban standard with the application of the principles of sustainable development. The creation of the standard will make significant adjustments in the planning process, the construction of our capital," Olzhas Sartayev informed.

According to him, it is planned to implement 31 technological solutions in ten main directions: smart entrepreneurship, digitalization of housing and communal services, social block, etc. Now in the smart region, several solutions are already being implemented due to private investments.

In general,  the company is working on the experience of introducing innovations in a variety of areas: from security, utilities, to the social block. Also, Olzhas Sartayev noted that the creation of a smart city meets the requirements of the United Nations on sustainable development.

In this regard it should be noted Astana fulfills some important programs:  Astana Development Program until 2020, the United Nations Development Program, which identifies 17 sustainable development goals, 6 of which in our opinion fit Astana. All these documents have become a platform for creating 20 concrete steps to develop our capital. I would like to note that the creation of a smart region fully coincides with the goals of sustainable development of the United Nations. Therefore, it is actively supported by international organizations," Sartayev said.

Also, he added that 50 public spaces were identified as centers of urban life - streets, squares, parks, pedestrian, and bicycle infrastructure.