Atambayev: Kyrgyzstan won't leave EEU

20 November, 2017, 15:31 324
Atambayev: Kyrgyzstan won't leave EEU

The president of Kyrgyzstan has noted positive sides of the entry of the country into EEU, however doesn't know what future the union will have. 

Kyrgyzstan doesn't gather, and won't leave the structure of the Eurasian Economic Union, the president of the republic Almazbek Atambayev at a total press conference in Bishkek in four days before transfer of power has said to the successor.

Atambayev has told that the decision on accession of Kyrgyzstan to EEU was correct and he isn't sorry about him.

"Kyrgyzstan isn't going to leave, and won't leave the Eurasian Economic Union," he told, having added that country leaders of the union have to think of it too.

"We have entered into alliance – it became great relief for migrants, and economy growth is observed. However what will be the future of EEU, don't know," the Kyrgyz president told.

We will remind, Kyrgyzstan became the member of EEU on August 12, 2015. After this on the Kyrgyz-Kazakhstan border had to cancel phytosanitary and veterinary control. Because of a difficult epizootic situation in Kyrgyzstan the Kazakhstan side has postponed the decision on veterinary control.

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