BBC to show films about Kazakhstan's sacral sites

26 October, 2018, 15:05 454
BBC to show films about Kazakhstan's sacral sites

In addition, the Ministry of Culture and Sports plans to continue exhibiting 'Golden man' in various museums of the world. 

30 video clips in three languages about Kazakhstan were filmed within the project 'Sacral Geography'. Minister of Culture and Sports of Kazakhstan Arystanbek Mukhamediuly said at a session of the National Commission, correspondent reports. 

"Such TV channels as BBC world news, Viasat history, National geographic jointly with Castle Film American company will show the following films: 'Zemlya nomadov' (The land of Nomads), 'Altyn adam' (The Golden Man), 'Sacral geography of Kazakhstan', films 'Khoja Ahmed Yasawi', 'Aisha bibi'. In November it is planned to release the project named 'Travel shows of Kazakhstan' jointly with BBC World News. It includes five programmes about tourist capabilities of Kazakhstan," said the Minister. 

In addition, Mukhamediuly was reported on the exhibitions of the Golden man under the National Museum of Kazakhstan held in the leading museums of the world.  

"Exhibitions were held in South Korea, Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, China and Poland. We plan to organize such an exhibition in Great Britain, Georgia, the USA, Australia, Italy, France in the near future," said the Minister of Culture. 

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