Beauty Land of N Kazakhstan attracts tourists

24 July, 2018, 15:42 196
Beauty Land of N Kazakhstan attracts tourists

Touristic facility Beauty Land in Shal Akyn area is of great popularity among the locals and foreign tourists as well.

The new tourist spot is located at a bank of the Yessil River in North Kazakhstan region, correspondent reported.

According to the local governor Nurlan Yessimov, the construction of the touristic facility was started last year. The potential capacity of the object is 500 tourists. Currently, 120 tourists could have a rest at the resort complex.  

The infrastructure of the resort complex will consist of cafes, two football and volleyball fields, sauna complex, a pier installation at the Sergeevsky reservoir, a children's pool, catamarans, boats, trampolines, skating, skiing, horse riding, sports fishing.

 Nurlan Yessimov noted more than 1.5 billion tenge was attracted for 6 months of 2018. If compared with the last one, that indicator has been reached only by September.

In addition, over 200 million tenge was invested by the local entrepreneurs in the construction of pool and summer restaurant for 300 seats.

It should be noted, the rent of the two-storey apartment with capacity 20-25 people per day accounts for 30 thousand tenge. The cost of a bed is 3 thousand tenge per day.