Berlin presents Kazakh authors' works

22 November, 2018, 12:56 830
Berlin presents Kazakh authors' works

The works have been presented during the opening of a Kazakh Literature and Culture Centre. 


A Kazakh Literature and Culture Centre has been opened in Germany's capital city, Berlin, reports referring to Khabar 24.

The books by Nursultan Nazarbayev and merited writers of Kazakhstan were presented during the opening. All works are available in three languages in the Centre. 

In addition to that, Germany's capital city held an International Forum where Kazakh authors presented their works. 

"Such works as 'Moye chuzhoye serdtse' (My someone else's heart) by Saule Doszhanova, 'Skaz stoletnego stepnyaka' (A tale of a 100-year-old steppe man). A photo exhibition also took place. The events were of great interest among foreign colleagues. They intend to cooperate and want to know about Kazakh culture more," said Umutkan Munalbayeva, a director of the National Academic Library of Kazakhstan. 

According to the organizers, it is planned to organize the next such meeting in the USA. 

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