World best illusionists to perform in Kazakhstan

04 October, 2018, 18:10 3920
World best illusionists to perform in Kazakhstan

The artists have prepared for Kazakhstani citizens a special programme and confirmed they would not be bored. 


World-level illusionists will demonstrate their magic for the first time in Kazakhstan, correspondent reports. 

They at the press conference in Astana shared what one should expect from their performances and on the artists' lives behind the scenes. 

The show 'Illusionists' has toured around 200 cities. The artists have performed in 25 states and is going to preform their show in Kazakhstan. 

The artists' show takes place on October 6 and 7 in Astana at the EXPO Congress Centre, and on October 10, 11 in Almaty at the Palace of the Republic.  

According to producer Simon Painter, the show's new verion will be performed by seven illusionists. Among them are forger Harrison Greenbaum, showman Mark Caline, magician Ginger Light, unforgetable Enzo, escape artist Crandle, manipulator Sebastian Nicolas and gun master Robin Sharp.  

Photo credit: Tamila Yazykova

The team's uniquness is that all of them are from different countries and they have their own magics. For instance, gun master Robin Sharp is good at a crossbow, which is the probramme's most dangerous stunt.   

Magitian Ginger is responsible for 'big illusions'. 

"I work with fire, levitation is also my thing," said the actress, adding "I can also make balloons fly on the walls and in the hall. I fly by myself around the stage and love to interact with the audience." 

Photo credit: Tamila Yazykova

Escape artist Crandle will demonstrate his skills to release from the chains in three minutes, and manipulator Sebastian will tell about the magic of hands. 

"My magic is about a magic of hands, I can make things appear, disappear and transform," said Sebastian. 

In addition, a married couple Mark Caline and Ginger Light will demonstrate the most famous sawing-the-lady-in-half trick.  

Photo credit: Tamila Yazykova

"Sometimes the trick does not go well. During one performance, we could not make it in time and I cut my finger, I have a scar. But since then we worked on our mistakes," said Ginger Light. 

In addition, the artists have prepared a special show for Kazakhstan but did not share the specifics. 

"I really talk a lot being on the stage as I am a comedian. Sometimes, some confusion occurs because of poor interpretation. That is the reason I rely more on visual tricks to eliminate such situations occurring because of big and small language barriers. That is why we have prepared a special Kazakhstan video for Kazakhstan," said forger Harrison Greenbaum. 

Photo credit: Tamila Yazykova

At the end of the press conference, the artists assured that the audience would not be bored as the live performance cannot be compared to what is shown in films. 

"Our show is visual. We interact a lot with the audience and attempt to make their pastime better as much as possible. Nothing is better than to watch the show with one's own eyes. It is much better to watch live shows what we saw in films," said magician Ginger Light. 

The artists noted that it is an honor for them to perform in Kazakhstan, and they look forward to stepping onto the stage, so to demonstrate their best. 

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