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Boring and unsmiling – the Ambassador of Lebanon about Astana

03 March, 2018, 10:16 802
Boring and unsmiling – the Ambassador of Lebanon about Astana

According to the Diplomat, Kazakhstan is very expensive for tourists to live, along with unfriendly personnel and shortage of attractions.

Ambassador of Lebanon to Kazakhstan Vazken Kavlakian expressed his remarks on the service sector in the country. To see unsmiling people in Astana’s restaurants was a cultural shock for him, Sputnik Kazakhstan reports.

“I have been in Kazakhstan for 10 years. It is a cultural shock for me to see unsmiling people working in restaurants. It is smiling that attracts people, makes them start to talk. Of course, the thing is not only about smiling. It is important to be able to talk properly, to establish communications. Servicing is a culture, much work should be done to train people,” Kavlakian said at a briefing for the Doplomatic Corps dedicated to the expanded cooperation of Kazakhstan with foreign states in the tourism sector.

At the same time, Ambassador of Lebanon noted that infrastructure, centers and attractions are among the main aspects of tourism. “Some of these things are given to people from birth, but the service sector needs work. Tourism is not a business sector, it is a culture. Tourism is developed over many years, and people should be trained in the sector,” the Diplomat said.

According to the Ambassador, there is no another way to attract tourists and clients.

He also remarked on costs for staying in Kazakhstan. “Many tourists do not stay in five-stars hotels. The hotel business in your country is not controlled. Let’s remember EXPO-2017. To spent a night in the hotel costed 100 dollars, and it is a shook for tourists, who do not intend to spend large sums. It is very expensive,” Kavlakian said,

Talking about attractions in Astana, the Lebanese Diplomat called the capital boring, despite the fact that the city is the country’s pride. “But, Astana is boring. Unfortunately, there are no entertainment places in Astana. What can I do? I can visit the aquarium “Duman”, Baiterek, museums. That is all. I think, that Astana should be a focus of attention to make it more interesting,” says the Ambassador.  

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