Mazhilis Chairman held the Chamber's bureau

11 January, 2019, 13:14 402
Mazhilis Chairman held the Chamber's bureau

The Chamber was offered to consider, in particular, a package of ratified draft laws that includes a number of agreements in the legal sphere between Kazakhstan and Jordan.

The Mazhilis bureau has taken place under the chairmanship of Mazhilis Speaker Nurlan Nigmatulin, in which the deputies came up with a draft agenda for the upcoming plenary session, the Mazhilis’s press office informs.

That includes the Act on joint legal assistance in criminal cases, aiming at providing assistance in investigations, criminal proceedings, and judicial proceedings in criminal cases between the Contracting States.

The package also includes an agreement on extraditions, transfer of sentenced persons.

The Kazakh General Prosecutor’s Office is the central government body responsible for the implementation of the agreement’s tasks. 

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