Chairman of Civil Service Agency - Kazakhstan among states with the highest development level of e-government

08 August, 2018, 10:47 218
Chairman of Civil Service Agency - Kazakhstan among states with the highest development level of e-government

In the UN world rating on development of e-government EGDI, Kazakhstan ranks 39th. 

This year, Kazakhstan for the first time has entered the club of countries with the highest level of developemnt of e-government. It was said by Chairman of the Agency for Civil Service Affairs and Anti-Corruption Alik Shpekbayev on Facebook, reports. 

"Friends, the UN world rating on developemnt of electronic government (EGDI) has  been published. It is compiled on the base of the three main elements: development of electronic services (OSI); developemnt of human capiatal (HCI); development o telecommunication infrastructure (TII).

Quite closer. This year, Kazakhstan for ther first time has entered the club of states with the highest level of developemnt of e-government, on which I congratulate everyone who each day works on it. A huge contribution was made by the increase in the development index of electronic services following which Kazakhstan like Austria takes the 25th place," shares Alik Shpekbayev. 

Other two indexes are stable that means the necessity to further develop the human capital and telecommunication inftrastructure, the head of the Anti-Corruption Agency said. According to him, the implementation of the Digital Kazakhstan programme gaves its results: electronic services improve, government services are available via smartphones, PSCs are being transformed.  

"The Agency, that is responsible for the control and assessment of government services, plays one of the main roles in these processes. Therefore, as usual, we will use the existing resources to fully digitalize the activity of the state, as the main  tool to combat corruption.

Friends, in case you have proposals to improve the provision of government services, complaints about the work of certain PSCs, then write below in comments or to my e.mail," the head of the Agency addressed to his subscribers. 

Also, Alik Shpekbayev noted that Almaty that took part in the pilot had entered the group of cities with the highest level of developemnt of electronic services. 

In addition, according to, in the rating of this year Kazakhstan has entered the group of states with the highest rating and took the 39th place (EGDI 0,7597). And, compared to 2016 Kazakhstan moved six positions down, and compared to 2014 - 11 positions down. 

According to the current index, the indication of developemnt of online services in Kazakhstan - 0,8681 (was also observed as the highest), ICTs-infrastructures - 0,5723, human capital - 0,8388. 

In the sub-group of the top-10 states of Asia, Kazakhstan following developemnt of electronic government took the 8th place, just above Kuwait and Malaysia. The first three places in the sub-group are taken by Korea (EGDI 0.9010, 3rd plcae in the rating), Singapore (EGDI 0,8812, 7th place in the rating), and Japan (EGDI 0,8783, 10th place in the rating). In addition, the report notes that Kazakhstan has the highest indicaation of EGDI in the group of landlocked states. 

In Almaty, 35 out of 60 development indications of e-government are observed. Following the technology indication the city meets 11 indications, following the indication on content - it meets 19 indications, and following the provision of services - it meets only three indications, and following the participation and engagement of citizens - the city meets three indications.