Chamber's speaker held a bureau of Mazhilis

16 November, 2018, 16:25 405
Chamber's speaker held a bureau of Mazhilis

A draft of the forthcoming plenary meeting of deputies has been formed. 


Today, a bureau of the Mazhilis took place under the chairmanship of the Chamber's speaker Nurlan Nigmatulin during which a draft agenda for the upcoming plenary meeting of deputies has been developed.

It is suggested to consider the draft Constitutional law with consequential amendments 'On the introduction of amendments to some constitutional laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the administrative and territorial structure of the Republic of Kazakhstan' in the first reading of the Chamber. 

The draft law was designed to implement the Decree of the President of Kazakhstan, according to which amendments to the administrative and territorial structure of the country: the city of Shymkent has been categorized as a city of republican significance, the Southern Kazakhstan region was renamed into the Turkestan region with its administrative center relocated from Shymkent to Turkestan. 

Draft legislative novelties regarding the control of drug trafficking, psychotropic substances, and their analogs and precursors are also submitted to the deputies for consideration in the second reading.  

The deputies will consider a package of ratified draft laws. They are agreements between Kazakhstan and Russia on the delimitation of the north of the Caspian Sea; on the movement of ozone-depleting substances and taking them account in trade between EEU member states and the Protocol on joining of Kyrgyzstan to the Agreement. 

The draft agenda of the plenary meeting includes new ratified draft laws submitted to the Mazhilis. Among them, a temporary agreement leading to the formation of a free-trade zone between the EEU and its member states, and with Iran. The package also includes an agreement on trade and economic cooperation between the EEU and its members, and with China, as well as the agreement between Kazakhstan and Brazil on extradition of persons.  


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