Children from excursion train to rest in Alakol Lake

06 August, 2018, 16:47 159
Children from excursion train to rest in Alakol Lake

The children have already visited Astana, Baikonur and Turkestan. 


As part of the Tugan elge sayakhat (tip to the homeland) project, Kazakhstan schoolers travel around the well-recognized tourist facilities of Kazakhstan. On August 6 the excursion train have arrived in Almaty, correspondent reports. 

The project is aimed to increase interest among children in the world around us, to study historical and architectural statues of the country, to foster love to the Motherland and to strengthen patriotism. 

The children started their travek from Astana, after which they left for Baikonur and then headed over Turkestan, Almaty and Alakol. In total, 200 children take part in the project headed by counselors, teachers and medical employees. 

During the travel, the participants of the project Tugan elge sayakhat are to visit interesting excursions, amusements, as well as they are to have a short learning programme, as well as new acquaintances and communication with peers. 

In Almaty, the children will visit Chimbulak and the Talgar glacier, the Ykhlas Museum of National Instruments, the zoo. In the second day, the children are to ride on the HappyEye wheel, visit the family and entertainment centre Happylon Magic Park, as well as to visit the Park of the First President. 

It should be noted that the project is implemented for the thrid consecutive year. In teh last years, about 500 children from various parts of the country took part in the project. 

The investors of the project are the Corporate Fund 'Fund of Social Projects' and JSC NC Kazakhstan Temir Zhol jointly with the Fund for Development of Social Projects Samruk-Kazyna Trust.