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Coal has risen in price in Astana

03 October, 2017, 14:34 195
Coal has risen in price in Astana

Inhabitants of the private sector can't buy coal in large volume because of deficiency of fuel in the capital.

Because of cold fall this year residents of the private sector in Astana have begun to heat the houses earlier. As it has become clear, in the capital the shortage of coal is observed that has provoked increase in prices for it, correspondent reported with reference to

The price for coal per ton in Astana reaches 18 thousand tenges, for a bag sellers ask 1500 tenges.

"I live in the downtown. But in the city the lack of coal is observed, we can't buy the necessary amount. In a week we take only two bags. One bag costs 1500 tenges. Before the highest price reached only 1100 tenges. Because of weather it is necessary to heat the house. If the deficiency of coal proceeds, situation will worsen extremely," the inhabitant of "Gazzapparatur" Ualikhan said in an interview to the correspondent.

According to the sales manager of coal Azimkhan Abenov, one of the reasons of deficiency of solid fuel in the capital – the shortage of railway cars for transportation. According to his data, the prices vary from 6 to 14 thousand tenges for ton.

For example, shubarkul coal stands up 13 500 tenges for ton, karazhar - 11 500 tenges, 'Bogatyr' coal - 6800 tenges.

"In a heating season coal is transported not only about the country, but also abroad. We will note that such prices are observed not only in Astana, but also in some areas of Kazakhstan. We have no relation to "five-copeck coins". We have no right to control them. They can be bought and sell at us there though on streets it is impossible to sell coal. It has negative effect on ecology," Abenov told.

It should be noted, as inhabitants of high-rise buildings should pay for heating 10% more, than in last heating season.

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