Control of non-stop trains to be abolished on Kazakh-Russian border

26 April, 2017, 11:36 1786
Control of non-stop trains to be abolished on Kazakh-Russian border

The Minister for Investments and Development of Kazakhstan, Zhenis Kassymbek, presented the bill "On Ratification of the Protocol on Amendments to the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Government of the Russian Federation on the Specific Features of Legal Regulation of Activities of Enterprises, Institutions and Organizations of Railway Transport of October 18, 1996" at the plenary session in the Majilis of the Parliament of Kazakhstan.

"The protocol provides the procedure for passing passenger and freight trains across the state border, without stopping on the railway sections transferred to the management of the parties. Also, non-stop trains will not be subject to checks by the border services. These norms will reduce the time of delivery of passengers in one direction from 36 to 23 hours," Zh. Kassymbek declared.

The protocol also establishes the procedure of opening and closing stations on sections of the railways that are part of one side, but located on the territory of the other side, as well as the procedure for passing one side of passenger and freight trains through the state border without stopping from the territory of the other side, the Strategy 2050 IA reported.

"The protocol provides changes, issues of opening and closing of the station for carrying out cargo operations in the areas of one state, located in the territory of another state, will be regulated by the technical and regulatory documents of the state where these stations are located," Zh. Kassymbek noted.

The Minister also noted that the protocol regulates the organization of passenger transportation in the border areas. In particular, local executive bodies are empowered to develop appropriate competition rules.

"Local executive bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan and executive authorities of the subjects of the Russian Federation for the organization of passenger transportation will develop and approve competition rules for determining carriers carrying rail passenger transportations which costs are subject to subsidization from the budgets of the respective border states of the parties, rules for subsidizing the costs of carriers with the implementation of railway passenger transportation, the methodology of determination of the volume of subsidized expenses of carriers associated with the implementation of rail passenger transport," Zh. Kassymbek reported.

He also informed that currently there are 7 sites in Russia and 8 sites in Kazakhstan, where more than 63 stations operate.

"In the future, we plan not to open new stations. The existing stations will be serviced and provided with additional operations. And if new cargo arrives, then stations will be opened for this operation if it is necessary. Today, 33 Russian and 4 Kazakh trains pass through the territory of Kazakhstan. They will no longer be examined by border control. Acceptance of the ratification of this agreement assumes, that the law that was introduced, fully complies with the norms of the law, which was adopted recently," Zh. Kassymbek concluded.

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