Crash course: police on rules for cycling roads

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31 July, 2018, 12:00 215
Crash course: police on rules for cycling roads

Arrangement of bicycle lanes in Astana causes controversy among pedestrians and cyclists.

The road infrastructure of Astana is gradually beginning to change in favor of cyclists - bicycle paths are being arranged, their various types are being created, and devices are being installed to help bicyclists. Controversial situations of when you can ride a bicycle, and when you can’t were explained in the local police, correspondent reports with reference to the press service of Astana Mayor’s Office.

Due to lack of a bicycle lane, the cyclist can ride along a pedestrian road. Cycle-pedestrian accident is subjected under Article 615 of Part 2 of the Administrative Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan - 10 MCIs,” captain of the police Kuanysh Yerkinov told.

By the way, according to him, pedestrians have the right to move along bicycle lanes when there is an obstacle on the sidewalk, on the roadside where they usually walk. Otherwise, the pedestrians must move along the sidewalk.

Meanwhile, the advantage on the cycle track is exclusively for cyclists. Because a bicycle is a vehicle that develops significantly high speed.

He reminded that bicyclists who reached the age of 14 have the right to move along the edge of the road and along the bus lane, but only in the absence of a bicycle path.

The policeman also noted that the driver of motor vehicles is strictly forbidden to use the bicycle path for movement, stopping or parking.

“Vehicles have the right to drive on a cycle track only if there is a gap between the roadway and the bicycle path - a dashed line. They have the right to stop for boarding-disembarkation of passengers or for arrival or departure to yard territories, " he summed up.