CSTO was appreciative of Kazakhstan's chairmanship

09 November, 2018, 11:07 410
CSTO was appreciative of Kazakhstan's chairmanship

The participants have agreed to continue cooperation in military and economic and military and technical spheres. 


Deputy CSTO Secretary-General Valery Semerikov emphasized the high level of the country's chairmanship of the Organization, BNews.kz correspondent reports.  

In his speech, Valery Semerikov noted that during the session the heads of state shared views and discussed a wider range of issues regarding global and regional security. 

"I should say that great attention was placed on ambitious priorities taken by Kazakhstan during its chairmanship. And the heads of state and participants have stated that these priorities are reached. We have conducted many practical events within Kazakhstan. I should say that all events taken place, including training, special operations, gatherings, command-staff training were conducted at a very high level, as well as were productive and effective in strengthening the potential," said the Deputy CSTO Secretary-General. 

Valery Semerikov added that with the aim to improve work on military and economic and military and technical cooperation, many tasks were set. It is also known that Yuri Borisov, the Vice Prime Minister of the Russian government, was appointed to the post of Chairman of the Interstate Commission on Military and economic Cooperation following the decision of the heads of state. 

"It must be noted that the heads of state discussed and signed documents to regularize CSTO partner and observer statuses. This will give additional impetus to work with third states. Other issues and tasks set are states in the Declaration," said the speaker.

Note that Kazakhstan summarized the results of its chairmanship of the CSTO. 

The Collective Security Council includes the CSTO member states: Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, and Tajikistan. Currently, the Organization is chaired by Kazakhstan. 

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