Culture Ministry named Kazakhstan's 50 best tourist sites

06 August, 2018, 10:25 473
Culture Ministry named Kazakhstan's 50 best tourist sites

They include architectural and cultural facilities in Astana, Almaty and other regions of Kazakhstan. 


The Ministry of Culture and Sports of Kazakhstan named top-50 tourist sites of Kazakhstan with all necessary infrastructure for tourists, correspondent reports with a reference to INA Kazinform

"In order to develop tourism, to fulfil the instruction of the head of state, the government develops a national programme on tourism development in the REpublic of Kazakhstan. The aim of the programme is to build infrastructure taking into account recommendations of the regions by constructing top-10 and top-50 projects of Kazakhstan," says a report of the Ministry. 

Following the report, the top-10 projects include coasts of Balkhash and Alakol lakes, the Charyn canyon, a mountain cluster of the Almaty region, the reviving of the ancient Turkestan, the Ashchisor tourist zone,the Shchuchinsk-Borovoe resort zone, the Imantau-Shalkar resport zone, the Bayanauyl resort zone, the Nomads' Hostory Centre. 

As for the top-50 tourist zones and projects, then they are spread all over Kazakhstan. 

In Astana: 

1. Architectural and culural facilities of Astana (Baiterek, the Palace of Peace and Accord and so on);

2. The Nur Alem Museum;

3. The ALZHIR museum and memorial complex;

4. The medical cluster; 

5. The educational cluster; 

6. The museum of space;

7. The indoor water park;

8. The international tourism university.


In Akmola region: 

9. The Shchuchinsk-Borovoe resort zone,

10. The Zerendy resort zone; 

11. The youth tourism cluster (Katyrkol lake).


In Almaty: 

12. The Medeo high-altitude sports complex;

13. The Shymbulak ski resort;

14. Big Almaty Lake;

15. The Kok-Tobe park;

16. Cultural facilities in Almaty (the park of 28 panfilov guardsmen, the state museum of arts named ater Kasteev, the central state museum of Kazakhstan);

17. The Kok Zhailau ski resort. 

In Almaty region: 

18. The Kapchagay reservoir; 

19. Kolsay lakes; 

20. The Altyn-Emel state national park; 

21. The Ile-Alatau state national park;

22. The Khorgos International Centre for Cross-Border Cooperation;

23. the Happyland entertainment park;

24. The Big Almaty Channel;

25. The Chundzha spa resort cluster.

In Aktobe region: 

26. The Karkaraly reservoir resort zone.

In Atyrau region: 

27. The Medieval Saraishyk complex;

In East Kazakhstan region: 

28. The Katon-Karagay state national park;

29. The ski cluster of Altai;

30. The Rakhmanovskiye klyuchi.

In Zhambyl region: 

31. The Akyrtas palace complex;

32. The Aisha bibi visit centre;

33. The Karakhan Mausoleum.

In West Kazakhstan region: 

34. The Bokey Orda historical and cultural museum complex;

35. The youth tourism cluster. 

In Karaganda region: 

36. The Karkaraly resort zone;

37. The Ulytau hostory and culture complex. 

In Kostanay region: 

38. The resort zone of the Altynsarin district;

39. The hunting tourism cluster.

In Kyzylorda region: 

40. The resort zone of Kamystybas lake;

41. The mud resorts of Zhanakorgan;

42. The Baikonyr Cosmodrome.

In Mangystau region: 

43. The beach zone of Aktau;

44. The Kenderli resort zone;

45. Historical and cultural tourism that includes monks of Beket-ata, Shopan-ata and so on. 


In North Kazakhstan region: 

46. The 'Star of Kazakhstan' shrine.

In South Kazakhstan region:

47. The Sairam-Ugam state national park;

48. The Saryagash resort zone;

49. Historical and cultural tourism that includes Mausoleums of Ahmed Yasawi, Arystanbab, Otyrar ancient city and others. 

50. The Kaskasu ski resort.