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Daniyar Yeleusinov to have fights in New York City and London

06 March, 2018, 15:13 368
Daniyar Yeleusinov to have fights in New York City and London

The first fight is held on April 28 in New York City, the second one is in June 2 in London.

Daniyar Yeleusinov for the second time signs a professional contract and heads to the USA to prepare for the fight in New-  York that is held in Barclays Center, on the undercard of the fight of Anthony Joshua, who is the main star of Yeleusinov’s new promotion company.  

“It is a pride to sign a contract with Yeleusinov, we have the experience of working with Olympic medal winners. Anthony Joshua who is a world heavyweight champion performs in our team. And we believe that Daniyar will follow the same way. Daniyar Yeleusinov will perform for the first time on april 28 in New York and on June 2 in London. Both fights will be held on the undercard of Anthony Joshua’s fights,” boxing promoter Eddie Hearn said.  

Eddie Hearn noted that Yeleusinov would be presented by the British media in London at a press-conference within his fight on the undercard of Joshua. He assured that Yeleusinov should have do some work to receive the right to hold the main fight of the evening, and not to fight on the undercards.

“I like the vision of the development of my career, regular fights. I need further development and to show off myself on the professional ring, to announce about myself and the country loudly and brightly. I enter the professional box with the faith in myself, with the hope to become a multiple world champion. We have agreed my leave for the national team of Kazakhstan, the leadership was informed. The contract is signed for three years, I plan to perform in the weight of 66kg,” Yeleusinov said.

After the denouncement of the contract with the Australian promotion company Yeleusinov searched for new managers for a long time. Eddie Hearn who heads match on boxing is rock star of promotion business.