Dariga Nazarbayeva told about pupils' per capita financing principle

15 October, 2018, 16:46 1163
Dariga Nazarbayeva told about pupils' per capita financing principle

Per capita education financing has already been introduced in a pilot mode in some educational facilities which, according to the Deputy, will lead to an increase in private schools with the participation of investors. 


Deputy of the Senate of parliament Dariga Nazarbayeva and Mayor of Almaty Baurzhan Baibek met with directors and teachers of secondary educational institutions of Almaty in the school-gymnasia No.140 named after M.Makatayev, Zakon.kz reports. 

Opening the meeting, the Mayor of the city outlined the importance of the Presidential Address 'Growth of Kazakhstan's Welfare: Increase of Income and Life Standards'. 

"It is very important so each Kazakhstan citizen is familiar with the Address. For the first time, the Address considers the urbanism issues, the formation of affordable infrastructure, a favourable and comfortable environment, quality education and healthcare services, the development of an export-orientated economy. All of this is about our city. Therefore, we have gathered the teaching community in one of the best school in the city," said Baurzhan Baibek.   

He also informed on the state of the city's schools and plans to increase sits in educational institutions. 

"We have discussed the matters with the teaching community in detail, including the most important one - overcrowded schools. So, we planned to construct eight schools with plans and estimates already prepared for some of them. As of today, we optimize the cost of building of schools and infrastructure issues. Over the last three years, we have brought 485 kindergartens for 20 thousand sits into use, and we are among the first to use empty cottages. During abundant years, many built cottages that are empty these days. We have a start to the programme to cover children as the birth rate increases, people come, and the demand for sits is still high," said the Mayor of Almaty. 

He also talked about the functioning practice with commercial construction companies. 

"Three years ago we introduced the practice according which the large companies build large residential complexes, they also construct kindergartens in addition. One of which builds four annexes, 300 sits each, which together form a 1200-sit school," said Baibek. 

In her turn, Dariga Nazarbayeva noted that in the Presidental Address the first place was given to a human, his quality and level of life. 

"What should be done so each has the opportunity to teach professionally, to work? The schools are not all about walls. Firstly, it is teachers, personnel people who every day work with our children more than their parents. And, all opportunities are created for teachers so they do their work well and professionally," said the Senator. 

Emphasizing the lack of sits in the schools, Dariga Nazarbayeva told about the principle of per capita financing of schoolers being already introduced in a pilot mode in some educational institutions. 

"As for the attraction of private investment in constructing schools and in education, a good formula is to introduce per capita financing. All of you must know that this principle is already being introduced in some schools in a pilot mode, and as of today, it proves its efficiency. That is, on average about 250 thousand tenges are seen for each schooler, including salary costs, savings for major repairs, equipment of schools and additional rewards to teachers. Such a principle will be very efficient once we have resolved the deficit of school sits, three-shift education and emergency schools. This is the fundamental issue needing a fast solution in the near three/five years. Then schools will run after parents and hunt schoolers, but not when parents wait in the line. The story will change then," said Nazarbayeva. 

Per capita financing, according to the Deputy, will lead to an increase in private schools with the participation of investors. 

"The government provides for convenient conditions for investors, including about 450 thousand tenges for each schooler paid to the investor during eight years, until it gets its expenses back. After which, the tariff will be the same as for other schools - about 250 thousand tenges per schooler. One should count the number of schoolers in your school, as well as the budget. A trust and supervisory board will be established involving all interested persons who will decide how to use the funds," she said addressing to the teaching community. 

Having explained the Address, the event turned into a talk during which the teachers could ask questions from Dariga Nazarbayeva and Bairzhan Baibek. At the end of the meeting, the Senator thanked teachers for their efforts and assistance in educational reforms. 

"I believe that our system of education made a quality leap. Thank all of you for this," she said. 

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