Defrauders hoaxe people - Nazarbayev

17 July, 2018, 13:12 192
Defrauders hoaxe people - Nazarbayev

That way the President commented on the work of troubled banks in Kazakhstan, including BTA Bank.

During a meeting with the chairman of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan Daniyar Akishev Head of state Nursultan Nazarbayev again spoke about the necessity to preserve only stable second-tier banks in the country correspondent reports.

Khabar 24 TV channel published the video of the meeting.

The situation connected with second-tier banks resulted in amendments to the laws. It is not a market to establish bank and start the work. It influences well-being of people and public finances. The banking system characterized by chaos. I believe a reputable bank will never give loans to insolvent recipients. And what have we got? The shareholders themselves, knowing that they will not pay back, allocated money to their affiliated persons, in other words rolled back money, stole!  It must not be. We do not need a huge number of banks," Nazarbayev emphasized.

"Banks are money, money is an economy, the economy is the well-being of people, People believe the bank thinking it is a state system, but in fact, defrauders hoax them.  It bears reminding about BTA Bank plundering worth 6-7 billion dollars. We are still recovering. I strongly urge you to prevent recurrence of disturbance," Nazarbayev told Akishev.