Demand for taxi services grows in Kazakhstan

10 October, 2017, 11:30 549
Demand for taxi services grows in Kazakhstan

The demand for taxi services in a year has grown by 10% in the country , meanwhile the general passenger turnover has increased by 13%. 

In Kazakhstan in a year demand for taxi services has grown by 10%. Kazakhstan citizens show much interest in this type of transport during the autumn period, correspondent reported with reference to

Following the results of 8 months of transportation of passengers by motor and city electric transport have reached 14,6 billion people - 1,1% more, than in the same period the previous year.

It is remarkable that significant growth is noted in a segment of transportations of the taxi - at once +10,2% in a year, to 2,8 billion passengers. For comparison, following the results of the first half of the year in the sector annual recession for 0,6% was observed.
The market of taxi services develops and becomes more and more technological. For example, the Sravnitaksi application from creators of the FixTaxi taxi service which allows to compare the prices by various taxi services is started. By means of the application it is possible to compare the cost of a trip to the taxi in services of Uber, "Yandex. Taxi", Leader, Maxim, etc. Now the application works more than in 100 cities, including Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine and all Russian million-plus cities.

Also the structure of the market changes. In July two largest services on a call of drivers - "Yandex. Taxi" and Uber - have said integration of businesses in Kazakhstan, Belarus, Russia and a number of the CIS countries. The official reason - joint development offers new prospects for both companies.

Besides, taxi pools offer more favorable terms. For example, according to mayor office of Astana since October 1 the prices of trips to the taxi from the capital airport fall. The cost of the first three kilometers from the Nursultan Nazarbayev airport to the city will be 1 thousand tenges now, the chairman of Association of transport workers of Astana Medet Kurmanov reported. The trip from the airport to the city on distance more than three kilometers will be more expensive: each following kilometer will cost 100 tenges. Now the tariff for a trip around the city the first three kilometers makes 500 tenges. It is possible to reach to the right place from the railway station "Nurly zhol" for 700 tenges.

The taxi passenger turnover also shows a gain: following the results of January-August, 2017 - for 12,5% in a year, up to 31,1 billion pkm (these are already 20,1% of all passenger turnover of motor and city electric transport, against 18,2% in the same period the previous year).

However, buses remain the main carriers for Kazakhstan citizens around the city: 80,3% of the transported passengers, and 79,7% of a passenger turnover are the share of them.

The number of the transported passengers in 8 months was 11,7 billion (-0,9% year-on-year), a passenger turnover - 123,4 billion пкм (-0,4% in a year).

Following the results of last year on buses 82,1% of passenger transportations in a segment of motor and city electric transport, were the share of the taxi - 17,6%. Fare by buses of the intracity message has grown in a year by 14%. The most expensive driving through RK - in Astana - 90 tenges for the ticket.

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