Development of IoT in Kazakhstan has been discussed at International Forum in Astana

27 November, 2018, 11:41 453
Development of IoT in Kazakhstan has been discussed at International Forum in Astana

During the Forum, international experts told how to apply Internet of things. 

The Internet of things annual forum takes place in Astana, correspondent reports. Foreign and local experts and developers in the sphere of the Internet of things have presented their projects and visions for the state-of-the-art trends at SmartCity panel sessions. 

The following matters have been under discussion, including the creation of an intellectual infrastructure of the city and housing and communal services, a digital transformation of the economy of Kazakhstan, IOT Security: CCTV, public security of Kazakh citizens and IIoT - drivers of innovation in the industry.

"We hope that the Forum will facilitate the development of cooperation between the participants of not only science and technology, innovation, but also the IT sphere. As you know, the Internet of things is one of the increasingly developing technological spheres that attract a colossal amount of private and public investment," said Kazakh Vice Minister of Information and Communications Dinara Shcheglova.  

Internet of things is about connecting devices (except for ordinary computers and smartphones) by the means of the Internet. According to the International Agencies, the number of Internet things connected to the single network has reached 4.9 million in 2018, and their number will equal up to 50 billion by 2025. 

Such spheres as industries, smart cities, housing, and communal services, transport, agriculture benefit from the use of Internet of things. 

Of note, such projects are underway in Kazakhstan. 

"Every stage of the Internet of things begins to invade our lives. Now we are working on the Internet of things for sensors, meters following the project. It will be a daily thing in 3-4 years for us. A class of segments presenting us with information is created," said Chairman of the Board of Kazakhtelecom Kuanyshbek Yesekeyev. 

During the Forum, foreign parents have shared their experiences. 

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