Dias teaches master class for kids in Astana

16 July, 2018, 10:49 227
Dias teaches master class for kids in Astana

Tennis player Zarina Dias  saluted a high potential of this kind of sport in Kazakhstan.

One of the best tennis players of Kazakhstan Zarina Dias has taught a master class for children under ten years in Astana, BNews.kz  correspondent reports.

Zarina said she salutes any opportunity to share their skills with the younger generation.

"I love children, I get a lot of emotions when communicating with them,” Dias stated. During the master class the Kazakhstani tennis player noted all the children were joyful, they radiate a lot of positive.

In addition, Zarina Diyas noted the high potential of Kazakhstani tennis.

"Now a lot of children are engaged in tennis, this kind of sport is very popular. There are a lot of tennis schools around Kazakhstan, interest among the population is great, so I think that we have a great potential in our country," the sportsman believes.

During the interview, Dias shared her recovery from an injury during the Wimbledon season. The tennis player believes she will be ready to take part in US Open Series on July 30.