Digitalization focuses to protect personal property - the expert

05 February, 2018, 14:02 332
Digitalization focuses to protect personal property - the expert

The world needs to take into account the safety of personal information and data in the era of digitalization.

It is necessary to allow citizens to get more free access to free and protected information. This opinion was expressed by Senior Vice President of IDEMIA Vincent Mourett during the thematic session of the forum "Digital Agenda in the Era of Globalization" "Innovations and Technological Entrepreneurship" in Almaty, reports.

"Now we are talking about how the Government is ready to promote digitalization on the way to success in solving problems. I would like to draw two numbers on the use of mobile phones in the world. Can you imagine that 6 billion people in the world use smartphones. More interesting fact is that today in the world 20 billion devices are connected to the Internet, and this number will grow to 300 billion. Once these two figures are connected and take into account the changes that can occur, the company has not only new opportunities, but also threats," Vincent Mourett said.

According to the Vice President of IDEMIA, firstly it regards digitalization.

Today’s important issue, according to the speaker, is the time of emerging of digitalization and how fast it will emerge.

"Today's challenges that we face regarding to finding the ways to help the Government, the company, the ways to operate in a rapidly developing world, I would like to say that we should not consider digitalization only in terms of efficiency. We need to take into account the safety of personal information and data. In addition, we also need to allow citizens to have more free access to free and secure information, I think this has a strong side," Vincent Mourett said.

He also told about the goals of digitalization.

"For example, the same bitcoin, it is a digital currency, what does it have with it? Nothing. If we talk about the economy or how people are speculating on easy money, then nothing stands under it. The thing is not only about the innovative development, but also about the protection of personal property, this is the goal of digitalization," said Mourett.

We note, earlier in Almaty the International forum "the Digital Agenda in an Era of Globalization" which has been organized under the initiative of the President of Kazakhstan has taken place. The heads of government of the EAEU countries: the Prime Ministers of Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Uzbekistan, official delegations of Azerbaijan and Tajikistan, as well as representatives of a number of large international IT-companies joined the round table. Heads of state bodies of Kazakhstan, journalists of Kazakhstan and foreign media also took part in the work of the forum.

In his speech, Bakytzhan Sagintayev noted the necessity of active involvement of Kazakhstani in “the digit”. It must be taught since the school and university period. The Prime Minister thinks that Kazakhstan has managed to jump into the “digitalization train”.

The goal of the forum is to promote the region of the EAEU to the global digitalization, to strengthen the partnership between the member states in this sphere.