Digitalization will increase labour productivity by one and a half times – Nazarbayev

17 May, 2018, 12:16 435
Digitalization will increase labour productivity by one and a half times – Nazarbayev

The digital literacy of the Kazakhstan population will exceed 85%.

President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev at the Astana Economic Forum – Global Challenges Summit-2018 said that the program Digital Kazakhstan would ensure the population’s digital literacy with 85%, correspondent reports.

“You are witnessing the fast creation of a new model of economy, where not only business is digitalized, but also the whole life of the society. The self-learning, intellectual systems that control and improve the production became ordinary for people. By 2030, the artificial intelligence will increase world indications by 16 trillion dollars,” said the President.

According to the head of state, the crypto-currency will lead to significant changes for the finance market, including banks. But at the same time digitalization will lead to the growth of cybercrimes, which were recognized as the most serious threat for business in 2017. As Nazarbayev said Kazakhstan would not lag behind from modern trends of global development.

“The program of Digital Kazakhstan was launched and its implementation will ensure the development of digital infrastructure of IT-ecosystem in the country. The digital literacy of the Kazakhstan population will exceed 85%. Using new technologies, we plan to increase the labour productivity by one and a half times over 5 years in the manufacturing sector,” said the head of state.

According to the President of Kazakhstan, the second global trend is energy revolution of the world’s movement toward clean energy.

“Over 30 years, the volume of energy generated from renewable sources of energy has increased 15 times. If all cars had been changed to electric ones, it would have made possible to clean up the air at the level that was 200 years ago, experts say. Despite the remaining of the world demand on natural resources, their presence does not give benefits. All major players of traditional energy markets, corporations began to massively invest in a new energy,” said the President.

Nursultan Nazarbayev said that Kazakhstan took an active part and the international exhibition EXPO-2017 successfully held in 2017 had became a base for systematic development of a green economy in the country.  

“In general, by 2030 the share of alternative energy in our balance will reach up to 30%,” said the head of state.

We note the current AEF is held in a new format. About 500 distinguished guests from 24 states of the world came to take part in the Forum. The Forum’s agenda: from the regional sustainability and longevity to global security, and sustainability of mega-cities of the future. The Forum will discuss 11 topics, among them, urbanization, combat against inequity between rich and poor ones, the issues of a loss of anonymity because of the development of information technologies. 

We note the Astana Economic Forum is an annual central business event of Eurasia. Over 10 years of its existence, it was attended by about 50 000 delagates from 150 states of the world, among them, more than 20 Nobel winners and 30 foreign political figures of the highest level. As part of the congress, more than 300 memorandums and agreements for the amount exceeding 20 billion US dollars were concluded. The Forum’s speakers include politicians, scientists and economists, media representatives and public figures of the world level, representatives of international organizations, financial institutions and business elite.

Fast and significant changes in economies, social sphere, digital technologies, production and consumption, as well as ongoing technological transition became an impetus to create a Global Challenges Summit in 2018 based o the Astana Economic Forum.

Economic growth and resource sustainability, digitalization and urbanization, longevity and financial revolution, global security and cultural shift – these world trends laid on the base of the program of an updated Astana Economic Forum – Global Challenges Summit-2018.

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