Dimash Kudaibergen's virtuoso playing on the dombra stuns spectators in London

20 November, 2018, 10:57 4118
Dimash Kudaibergen's virtuoso playing on the dombra stuns spectators in London

The audience did not want to let Dimash Kudaibergen leave the stage. 


Dimash Kudaibergen held his first solo concert on November 19 in London, which is a unique show presented as part of the Days of Culture of Kazakhstan in Great Britain. The organizer is the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Kazakhstan with the support of the embassy of Kazakhstan in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, BNews.kz reports referring to a press service of the Ministry of Culture and Sports. 

Credit: MInistry of Culture and Sports of Kazakhstan 

"The 'Support young talents abroad' programme has been running for over 10 years and is funded by the state. The programme enables young talents to take part in international contests, including musicians of classic and pop music, as well as representatives of ballet art, acting and so on. Many talents have already participated in the programme over 10 years, including Dimash. He participated in the Slaviansky Bazar song contest with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, represented our country in contests in Turkey and Finland, as well as China's I'm the Singer show," said Vice Minister of Culture and Sports Aktoty Raimkulova.

Credit: Ministry of Culture and Sports of Kazakhstan

British star, novice R`n`B singer Tallia Storm (@tallia_storm) was in the concert to support Dimash. In an interview with journalists, she noted that she and her friends were in awe of the Kazakh singer, and she was pleased that Dimash's first solo concert took place in London. 

The Indigo at the O2 concert hall was full, and fans arrived from all over the globe, including Kazakhstan, Czech, Belgium, Great Britain, China, Canada, Germany, Russian, Finland and so on. The concert gathered people from 45 states. The concert programme lasting for over 2 hours exceeded expectations, with each performance bringing new decorations and costumes, images on the screen changed as a new performance came. Nobody was left emotionless by the sound and live performance of Dimash Kudaibergen   

The evening was opened with Dimash's new song Kazakhstan, alga (Only ahead, Kazakhstan!). Performances included dances accompanied by a live band including musician and composer Ulykpan Zholdassov. Starting with the first moment of the show, it was known that the audience to be exposed to something never seen before. 

Over the evening, Dimash talked with his spectators, even attempting to teach the Kazakh language to the audience, that was favorably received by fans. The audience joined him in singing. Fans in the fan zone were especially lucky as Dimash threw the jacket of his stage costume into the crowd. The evening's peculiarity is that the audience of this zone was part of the performance and was fully engaged in it. Bright lights, steam, rose petals created an exceptional vibe for fans from the fan zone.  

Credit: Ministry of Culture and Sports of Kazakhstan

The evening's repertoire included Dimash Kudaibergen's well-known songs, as well as new ones: Adajio, Daididau, Sagyndym, M. Jackson Tribuet, The Show Must go on, Leila, If I Never Breathe Again and many others. Song The Love of Tired Swans by Igor Krutoi was also performed on the stage of Indigo at the O2. SOS d'un terrien culminated the evening that dedicated to his friend, Kazakh figure skater Denis Ten. The audience was caught in total silence, and after the song, clapping lasted for long. Such was a soulful performance of Dimash. 

Over the show, Dimash changed several images. He prepared each performance, including singing, playing the instruments, and dances. His modern virtuoso playing on the dombra amazed everyone present in the concert. 

Credit: Ministry of Culture and Sports of Kazakhstan

"Performing my favorite songs in the front of such a vigorous audience with their bright eyes, it is pretty difficult to say the extent of influence of the concert. One thing is for sure, I am very glad," said Dimash Kudaibergen to journalists. 

Dimash Kudaibergen invited every visitor with a phrase 'Welcome to Kazakhstan' to his Homeland. While spectators and loyal fans stayed in the concert hall for long repeating the singer's name.  

Note all funds from sales of tickets will promote young talents from Kazakhstan to take part in prestigious international contests and concerts. Dimash also was a participant of the programme.  

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