Dollar loses popularity among Kazakh citizens

31 October, 2018, 16:20 801
Dollar loses popularity among Kazakh citizens

The statistics indicate that over the current year 999.9 billion tenges have been sold in exchange offices of Kazakhstan. 

Following the survey, September alone Kazakh citizens purchased dollars for 199.6 billion tenges, an 18.4% decrease compared to August, reports referring to

The dollar in September 2018 on average cost 367.3 tenges per dollar, that is by 3% higher compared to the previous month, and by 8.3% higher than in September of the previous year. 

Positive net sales of US dollars have been observed in all regions of Kazakhstan for the third consecutive month. 

Demand for the foreign currency is still high in Kazakhstan's large cities. Almaty leads with the sales account of 66.9 billion tenges, a 22.5% decrease than in the past month. The city's share has falt from 35.3% to 33.5%. The next is Astana: 35.7 billion tenges, which is by 9.5% less compared to August. Its share of Kazakhstan has increased from 16.1% to 17.9%. The third is Shymkent - 25.3 billion tenges, a 24% decline than in the previous month. Its share has decreased from 13.6% to 12.7%.  

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