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EAEU supplied 155 countries with agricultural products in 2017

23 February, 09:26 231
EAEU supplied 155 countries with agricultural products in 2017

The export of food products to third countries doubled over seven years.

In 2017, agricultural trade between the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) grew by 63% compared to 2010, when the Customs Union was established, and amounted to 8.2 billion dollars. The export of food products to third countries doubled in the same period, the press service of the Eurasian Economic Commission reports.

Following the results of 2017, the growth of exports of agricultural products and foodstuffs in the EAEU countries was registered at 3.6 billion dollars (it reached 20.6 billion dollars) compared with the previous year. This was stated by head of the Department of Agro-Industrial Policy of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) Stanislav Buben at a roundtable organized by the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.

He noted that the geography of deliveries has significantly expanded: the EAEU supplied 155 countries with agricultural products in 2017. The main consumers are the CIS countries (14.2%), the European Union (11.7%), China (9.6%), Turkey (9.2%), Egypt (8.6%), the Republic of Korea (7, 1%) and Iran (3.6%).

According to the head of the Department, the growth of foreign trade operations is largely due to the fact that over the past years, it has been possible to increase the volume of agro-industrial production, as well as increase the productivity of agricultural enterprises and the quality of products.

"Trade in agricultural products of the member states has reached a qualitatively new level in recent years. If in 2010 the Union was one of the largest importers of agricultural products, having a negative balance of about 30 billion dollars, then in 2017 the balance fell to the lowest value for the entire period - minus 9.6 billion," the head of the EEC Department said.

According to the forecasts of the Commission, in the near future priority export items for livestock products will primarily be poultry and pork. In the future, by 2020, the Union will be able to ensure a stable export of beef - up to 20-30 thousand tons. In the dairy group - these are products with a long shelf life - milk powder, cheeses, cheese products, ice cream. The key partners will be the CIS countries and China. It is in prospect to increase the supplies to Asian countries: Vietnam, Bangladesh, South Korea, Indonesia and others.

"In 2017, as in previous years, the main exported product was grain - 39.8%, Stanislav Buben said. - In this connection it is advisable to reduce the share of raw materials in the structure of exports and diversify the commodity structure through the supply of products mainly for deep processing of agricultural primary products,” the head of the Department said.

The meeting also discussed measures to develop the export potential of the EAEU in the sphere of agribusiness, including support for exports through the system of concluding preferential agreements with the main partner countries, improving the welfare of the territories of the Union states in animal diseases, unifying legislation in the field of veterinary and sanitary measures with international recommendations, standards and requirements, the introduction of self-monitoring systems of product quality by manufacturing enterprises.

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