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EEC urges the countries of EEU to create the uniform digital platform

24 August, 2017, 15:28 955
EEC urges the countries of EEU to create the uniform digital platform

The chairman of board of the Eurasian economic commission Tigran Sargsyan urges member countries of the Eurasian Economic Union to come to a uniform position on the digital agenda. The expert considers that because of separation of digital platforms of the country can face a new barrier in the future, correspondent reported.

"The first task is in that we have reached agreement that all five parties have agreed that barriers exist. That all of us had a uniform position and after we agree that these barriers exist, will coordinate our positions, we develop the road map how to remove these barriers in common that our common markets fully functioned," Sargsyan told.

Also he has noted that in the EEU there are a lot more unresolved questions.

"We have to note that those 60 barriers, withdrawals and restrictions concerning which we have already consent it is still a part of work. Because there are about 60 more questions concerning which we continue discussions in council," Tigran Sargsyan added.

The EEU, according to him, still very young organization.

"We still should go a long way together, we have to treat it calmly that really life introduces the changes, and, apparently, that such, for example, barrier restrictions don't exist, but there are new objective reasons why we have to pay attention to these circumstances. In particular, today we speak about digital economy. And all countries try to become more active in this transformation. There is a question - if each country realizes separately the digital agenda whether will lead it to the fact that in the future we will have a new barrier. It means that initially we have to agree about how we will agree on our digital agenda what standards we will apply whether provide our digital agenda compatibility," he noted.

The expert considers that already now it is necessary to discuss and create the joint digital platform.

"We conduct negotiations with China (...) and it is already obvious that we have to speak about digital compatibility. Because transit of all goods, services and the capital is carried out on the basis of digital landscapes today. And China has already begun intensive negotiations with the European Union how they should combine digital standards of China and the EU. If they don't agree, it will be very serious barrier to implementation of the project of the Silk way. The same and for us if we now with China don't agree about standards on digital economy, then it will be very serious obstacle for implementation of our agenda, including on deepening of our trade and economic relations," the chairman of the commission concluded.

We will remind, Astana hosts the annual international exhibition forum "Eurasian Week" organized by the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union and the Eurasian economic commission.        

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