Export center of agroindustrial complex to be created in Kazakhstan
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Export center of agroindustrial complex to be created in Kazakhstan

2 December 2016 17:48

The export center of agroindustrial complex will be created in Kazakhstan. Vice-Minister of Agriculture of Kazakhstan Gulmira Isaeva reported about it during the press conference in Service of the central communications. The press conference was devoted to export policy within the state program of agroindustrial complex development for 2017-2021, BNews.kz correspondent reports.

"For the purpose of domestic agricultural producers support in case of products promotion creation of the Export center of agrarian and industrial complex based on JSC Prodkorporaciya with simultaneous merge of JSC Kaznex invest and JSC KazAgroGarant is planned,” Gulmira Isaeva said.

According to her, the Center’s function will include service and financial support of agricultural producers and export channels for them. In other words, the center will be engaged in search and provision to agricultural producers an information on the possible markets of products, support in a type of provision of places at exhibitions and fairs abroad, inclusion in structure of trade missions, promotion of umbrella brands, the press service of the Ministry of agriculture of Kazakhstan reports.

Also within the state program the export center will be represent trade financing, insurance of export contracts, export grants on promotion and logistics.

"Thanks to the support given by the center to the agricultural producers having an opportunity to create large parties will have a possibility of an entry into the foreign markets directly or by means of sale of products in transport and logistic or wholesale distribution centers," vice-minister of Agriculture of Kazakhstan said.

Also promotion of organic products brand and creation of purposeful export policy is provided in the state development program of agrarian and industrial complex for 2017 - 2021.