Head of state advised landowners "not to invent bicycle"
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Head of state advised landowners "not to invent bicycle"

6 December 2016 18:53

The head of state advised the Kazakhstan landowners "not to invent the bicycle" and to take what already exist and begin to develop a transfer of technologies, BNews.kz correspondent reports.

"The main instrument of increase in competitiveness of performance at the initial stages of industrialization is the transfer of technologies. However in process of development the transfer is to take what already have. I said to our landowners many times: academicians should not think and create: what ram to take. Take a ram in Australia and rise in Kazakhstan. Take cows in Germany and rise in Kazakhstan. They are doing it now. Sit and think what cow. We give them the doctor, the professor, the academician, but cow will be the same. (…) It is not necessary to invent the bicycle," head of state told during a national teleconference.

"The Soviet Union wanted to create Mercedes but created Volga. Wanted to create Toyota but created Lada. Now look how it all turned out? (…) We can not create Mercedes. (…) Germans already created it and do not create better. Boeings planes do not need to be created, it is already exist in the world. We should create what we can and sell. We should produce," N.Nazarbayev added.

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