New technology for gold extraction to be implemented in Kazakhstan
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New technology for gold extraction to be implemented in Kazakhstan

18 October 2016 12:08

The National Agency for Technological Development allocated a grant to a domestic enterprise for development of unique technology for extraction of gold and rare earth metals, correspondent reports.

The "Les" LLP received a grant of 21,5 million tenge from the affiliated holding organization for development of industrial superhigh-frequency technology for extraction of persistent gold, rare metals and rare earth metals in the high-saturated power field from mineral and technogenic raw materials.

Classical technology of production of gold concentrates, rare metals and rare earth metals, besides others, includes such energy-intensive stages as multi-stage crushing of ore and drying of concentrates in convection electric furnaces.

In case of extraction of gold additional expenses are connected with need of ore softening. Duration and cost of such a technology does not allow enterprises to increase considerably production capacities," managing director of the JSC "NATD" Olzhas Altayev said.

Expenses of energy decrease several times at using new technology developed by the "Les" LLP. Percentage of extraction of gold from ore also increases considerably. New development does not need fuel, there are no emissions to the atmosphere".

According to opinion of experts, this technology is unique, and the existing analogs concede in productivity and are more expensive and bulky.

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