Question of insurance services online provision is considered in Kazakhstan
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Question of insurance services online provision is considered in Kazakhstan

2 December 2016 16:55

The new bill "On modification and additions in some legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan concerning insurance and an insurance activity" will help to stimulate market development of compulsory insurance, correspondent reports.

As National Bank consider, in system of compulsory and voluntary insurance of Kazakhstan the solution of the developed problems interfering their sustainable development is required.

Within the bill implementation of online insurance mechanism is planned. It will increase availability of insurance products to the population and will help development of direct sales in obligatory classes of insurance, thereby stimulating transition of insurance agents to voluntary classes of insurance.

Besides, the system of the tourist’s insurance risks for the purpose of his protection in case of departure abroad will be reviewed and transparency of insurance agent’s activities for insurance contracts, including concerning disclosure of data on an insurance agent and availability of a commission fee in the insurance contract is provided.

"On voluntary insurance acceptance of the following measures is necessary: stimulation of development of products of accumulative life insurance and their support through system of the taxation; further development of pension annuity insurance by expansion of insurance products taking into account interests of investors," in National Bank added.

The present stage of economy of Kazakhstan development, entry of our country into world system, the accession to the World Trade Organization and processes of globalization set the new purposes and tasks for an insurance industry, in the finance regulator of the country noted.

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