Creation of new city was suggested in Kazakhstan
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Creation of new city was suggested in Kazakhstan

25 November 2016 16:33

During the International innovative congress winner of the Nobel Peace Prize Rae Kwon Chung advised Kazakhstan to create the city which will exist completely at the expense of alternative energy sources on the example of the UAE, correspondent reports.

"Remember very interesting example of Arab Emirates and Iran where alternative energy sources are using very actively. You know that Abu Dhabi invests in Masdar city where using of carbon will not be at all and now you see that their government invests in the low-carbon future. They already know that they need to be ready to that era which will come when oil reaches a limit. If there is no oil then what will be the source of your competitiveness? You already should invest in that future which will come in a non-oil era," Rae Kwon Chung said.

He considers that Kazakhstan should think of ambitious and long-term goals on emission reduction of carbon dioxide that as a result will lead to support of low-carbon economy. In his opinion this issue can not be solved in one day, it might take from 10 to 30 years. Speaking about very frigid Kazakhstan climate, the scientist took Canadian city Montreal as an example where entertainment centers are created is conveniently to be during the winter.

"You can think about creating of the new city which can place in Central Asia. I know that temperature in Kazakhstan can reach to minus 40 degrees in the winter and to plus 40 degrees in the summer. You live in sharp and continental climate. For example in Montreal there are very cold, there is very cold winter. But there are interesting projects, for example, shopping centers which completely are underground and you can have a very good time in these shopping centers even in the winter," he added.

"Think about how you can design the new city, taking into account concept of low-carbon economy. Think about creation of new fiscal infrastructure and new fiscal policy in the field of low-carbon economy," Rae Kwon Chung advised.

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