Since 2017 Astana will use "clever street lighting"
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Since 2017 Astana will use "clever street lighting"

30 November 2016 15:35

Since 2017 90% of capital lighting will be replaced with energy efficient. Such lighting will allow to use 10 additional services of "smart city", the mayor of Astana Asset Isekeshev said at the international forum – the ASTEX Astana Smart City 2016 exhibition, correspondent reported.

"For 2017 we for ourselves allocated a number of projects in five directions which we want to realize first of all though we will work in parallel and on others. First project it "smart street lighting". Here we on the mechanism of PPP (public-private partnership) plan to replace old street lamps from 90% with sodium lamps for which more modern energy efficient lamps, more than 25 thousand lamps," A. Isekeshev reported.

According to the mayor, such replacement will allow to reduce and save costs for the electric power and operation more than for 60%, and also to increase safety of the city.

"The project is important not only the fact that it changes lighting, and that city infrastructure for the Internet – things is created and allows to use 10 additional services of "smart city", on lamps it will be possible to hang up sensors and to collect data. For example, as environmental monitoring, open Internet, analysis of a traffic, information booths and others. The most important that the project will be realized due to private investments, investors will return the means due to 60% of economy," the mayor of the city informed.

According to A. Isekeshev, the Smart Astana program is oriented to pragmatic approach, i.e. projects which will quickly show either social, or economic effect.