Engineering in Kazakhstan: growing points

14 September, 2018, 17:00 701
Engineering in Kazakhstan: growing points

Production volume in engineering  for the first half of the year amounted  to 470 billion tenge  that is 14.6%  more  compared with the last.

Current life associates with engineering products. A lot of people suppose this branch is tied to automobile manufacturing only. Herewith the engineering had undergone fundamental changes is engaged in manufacturing of a wide spectrum of goods from nails to plane production.

Market economy begs a question How much is this industry promising for the Kazakh economy?

The current situation in Kazakhstan’s engineering is a reflection of the country's economic development. The productivity of the industry, the degree of its technological equipment is the secret of success of all branches of the country. Speaking about the profitability of the industry it is necessary to note the segment "Production of electrical equipment". The number of products for the year 2018 doubled compared to the previous year. The volume of production in the machine-building industry for the first half of this year amounted to 470 billion tenge, which is 14.6% more than in 2017.

Oil mining, transport directions are perspective and need the further support of the state.

The manufacturing analysis in engineering allows noting the tendency of constant increase and gives all grounds to believe that this sector is actively developing and competitive.

Engineering is the embodiment of the best technical solutions. In this filed a lot of companies need assistance at the state level. The Union of Machine Builders of Kazakhstan initiates measures on technological modernization and stimulation of import substitution of all domestic enterprises. A number of bills aimed at supporting the Kazakh machine-building industry were developed in active cooperation of the union.

Union of Machine Builders manufactures all kinds of equipment, - machines, devices, and also goods for the population and provides stability of the agro-industrial complex, energy and mining, transport and other key sectors of the economy.

It should be noted Казахстане September 20-21 Astana will host VI Forum of Machine Builders of Kazakhstan. The 2018 forum will present a draft plan for the development of the engineering industry, which will become a guide for a heavy economy. Sceptics who are questioning "Is there a mechanical engineering in?", are welcome for participation in order to get answers to all questions and assess the current situation of machine building in Kazakhstan.

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