EU representative in Kazakhstan: Civil society should be engaged in implementing SDGs

28 November, 2018, 09:52 302
EU representative in Kazakhstan: Civil society should be engaged in implementing SDGs

According to the expert, NGOs are important partners in terms of monitoring and implementing sustainable development goals (SDGs). 


Head of the EU Cooperation Office in Kazakhstan Johannes Stenbek Madsen spoke of the necessity to engage the civil society in the implementation of sustainable development goals (SDGs) during the regular Civil Forum in Astana, correspondent reports. 

The EU Office engages in various sectors in Kazakhstan, including the rule of law, the development of business intermediary organizations, the support for the development of local government and environmental protection. 

"We believe that civil society organizations are the main partners, in technological terms too. While considering the projects we finance in the rule of law, our partner organizations are experts in free legal aid and various matters. I am sure that the Government also believes these organizations are important partners. It depends on us to some extent," said Johannes Stenbek Madsen.

He also noted the existing investment programmes of the EU in Central Asia for business organizations, as well as the creation of partnership between Central Asia and the European Union. 

"Such kinds of partnership proved to be effective and successful. It serves as another example of how the civil society, as well as these organizations, should not only promote human rights issues, but they can be effective in the development of the economy. Speaking of our programmes of local government, the civil society and its organizations are the important partners in terms of spreading the knowledge about on-the-spot situations, as well as about their potential and its application in government," said the speaker. 

In addition, Madsen said that the EU observes the growing engagement of NGOs in environmental governance. 

"I see it as very positive trends. I would like to underline that we truly believe that civil society is very important, and it is essential to engage it in the implementation of SDGs. For instance, SDG No.5 that deals with the Planet. This was proved by a good work of such organizations in Karaganda and Aktau, where they attract attention to serious environmental issues and help in finding solutions. I hope this Forum will enable us the even greater engagement of the civil society in monitoring and implementing SDGs," said Madsen.    

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