Every 5th applicant intends to study abroad

18 May, 2018, 14:36 323
Every 5th applicant intends to study abroad

Almost 90% of Kazakhstan’s applicants that have already left for studying abroad choose Russian or Chinese university.

Higher School of Economics under the University of in frames of Kazakh Humanities and Law Institute of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan

in the framework of the research project on the analysis of student migration of Kazakh graduates to universities in Russia and China, conducted a survey among 1,400 school leavers in 14 cities of Kazakhstan. During the study, more than 20% of the students surveyed indicated that they intend to receive education abroad. Teacher of the Higher School of Economics KAZGYU Marat Raimkhanov voiced the statistics the correspondent of Bnews.kz reports.

"The KazGUU Higher School of Economics carried out a survey and interviewed 1,400 schoolchildren from 14 cities in Kazakhstan, and more than 20% really want to leave and study abroad. "The students are considering at least two countries - Russia and China - the problem is quite acute, because during the survey, that many schoolchildren plan to stay, at least for a while, in the country of training and gain experience in these countries, and there is a possibility that they will remain there for permanent residence," Marat Raimkhanov stated.

According to the Committee on Statistics of the Ministry of National Economy of Kazakhstan, in 2016 86% of 101 044 Kazakhstani students studying abroad accounts for Russia and China.

Why Russia or China? There are several factors influencing this choice – low prices or even free education on grants, which these two countries allocate annually in large volumes. The second factor - the relatively easy enrollment to universities in China and Russia, due to lack of United national testing procedure and the language tests. Compared with enrollment to Western universities, it is relatively easier to study there.  The third factor is the parents who influence the choice. They, in turn, prefer to send their children to study in those countries which are in close proximity to Kazakhstan. One more interesting remark is graduates care little about a difference of universities of Russian, Kazakhstan, and China. For them, these universities are not foreign, unachievable.

 As the speaker stated the Kazakhstani applicants most often choose for IT abroad, IT, engineering, medical and exact sciences.

"They see that competition among specialists in the humanitarian field is much higher and it's more difficult to find their place." Specialists in precision sciences, engineers are more mobile, they can work not only in Kazakhstan but also in any country of the world, even without knowing the language," he explained.

In turn, the senior lecturer in international relations of the Higher School of Economics KAZGUU Ikbolzhon Korobaev added that the number of Kazakh graduates leaving for study abroad is growing every year.

"Today, more than 70,000 Kazakhstani students are studying in Russia, this figure is growing every year, while 14,000 Kazakh students are enrolled in Chinese universities. (Every year, about 100,000 graduates receive certificates in Kazakhstan.) Each of them the fifth leaves for training in Russia or China, " Ikbolzhon Korobayev informed.

Earlier, the Ministry of Education and Science stated that the outflow of Kazakhstan entrants to Russia is declining. It was reported that more than 20 thousand students were transferred from foreign universities to Kazakhstan after the cancellation of the norm on the availability of the UNT certificate in case of transfer.