E-visas to be introduced in Kazakhstan from July 1

27 April, 2018, 10:03 1552
E-visas to be introduced in Kazakhstan from July 1

Also, it is planned to introduce the service “e-hotel” for foreigners, with help of which they could automatically register on the portal.

In Kazakhstan, as part of the program Digital Kazakhstan, it is planned to introduce electronic visas. It was said by deputy minister of foreign affairs of Kazakhstan Yerlan Turgumbayev to journalists on the sidelines of the session of the CSTO Coordination Council on Combating Illegal Migration, BNews.kz correspondent reports.

According to the deputy minister, because of Kazakhstan’s location on the Asian and European continents, everyone knows that in spring the main flow of migrants goes to the Russian Federation, and in autumn – back to the states.

“Thus, Kazakhstan is visited by 5.5 million foreigners each year, 2.5 million stay in the country to study, to work, for family and treatment purposes. And, about three million transit. Therefore, the fight against illegal migration is urgent, and it is almost impossible to cross the organized illegal traffic within a country, therefore these issues are considered within the CSTO annually,” said Yerlan Turgumbayev.

He noted that in Kazakhstan, in 2017, administrative measures were taken against 110 thousand illegal migrants, and about 10 thousand people were expelled according to the court’s decision, 30 thousand foreigners’ staying terms were reduced in the country.

For citizens of 61 states, a visa-free regime of staying in the country up to 30 days was introduced. For citizens of 53 states, a simplified order for registering a visa was introduced.

“In the near future, the service of “e-hotel” will be introduced, according to which foreigners will be accommodated in the hotel by registering automatically on the portal, which also eliminates the registration in the police office. As part of the program Digital Kazakhstan, from July 1, we want to introduce electronic visas, which is innovation in the CIS states,” said Yerlan Turgumbayev.

According to the deputy minister of the Ministry for Investments and Development, foreigners staying in Kazakhstan should not address to consulates of Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After the introduction of e-visas, the foreigner could directly address to the migration service of Kazakhstan, specify all personal data and the purpose of visit, financial capabilities and staying term through the electronic portal.

“We verify the information on data bases and if there are no limits, then the visa is registered. The procedure of registration is being simplified, as well as comfort services for businessmen and tourist,” said Turgunbayev.

Also, he noted that ass part of the EXPO, a 72-hour visa-free transit entry for citizens of China was introduced. From April 22, 2018, the same regime was introduced for citizens of India. As an experiment, the regime will remain until the end of 2018, and following which the expansion of the regime for other states will be discussed.

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