Expert talked about professions in epoch of robotics

18 May, 2018, 18:34 341
Expert talked about professions in epoch of robotics

According to Michio Kaku, a qualified work that is not repetitive can not be performed by robots.

Global Challenges Summit 2018 Astana Economic Forum is held in the capital city of Kazakhstan. Within the framework of the panel session "Creativity VC unemployment, what a man to do in the world of robots?" the well-known theoretical physicist Michio Kaku told about the people of what professions do not have to worry about the future, and who needs to think about the change of professional activity right now, the correspondent of reports.

"The great loss is a work of the working class. You can automate it, you can robotize it. Another category is brokers, accountants,  people engaged in inventory, logistics, people with a secondary technical education will also lose their jobs. If there is an intellectual capital, if you are a broker, instead of selling some shares, you sell, say, some kind of insider, experience, know-how, imagination, analyze, innovate, then it is intellectual capital. What the robots will not replace, " Michio Kaku stated.

The scientist believes that within 10-20 years the current state of things will be extremely changed, but there are specialists who will remain indispensable even after a lapse of time. People will go into the profession, where there is the possibility of development, and robots can replace them when processing data, including in medicine. But as far as creativity, emotions and physical theory are concerned, in these areas machines are powerless, the physicist noted.

The physicist added that in the future people need to bet on Internet technology and MIT.

"The future of the Internet will be in your contact lenses. You essentially blink and you will be online, who needs a teacher when you see the different amino acids in your contact lenses?" the expert said.

Michio Kaku, being the author of the best-selling book The Physics of the Impossible, has an authoritative opinion on the future not only of humans but also of animals. He talked about how soon robots will be able to have self-awareness on a par with animals and what consequences this will entail.

“…Nowadays the robots do not realize that they are robots, you cannot congratulate the robot on his win in chess from a man. And he will not understand this, in a hundred years they will understand who they are. My philosophy is that we must merge with them, in other words, instead of being in competition with them. In decades, we can build a safe system in decades, but in the end, robots will understand how to remove this security system and then we must begin the process of merging with robots, " Michio Kaku summarized.