Experts told about the profession with 7.2 increase in salary over year

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06 August, 2018, 13:15 170
Experts told about the profession with 7.2 increase in salary over year

More than 280 thousand tenegs are paid to accountants and lawyers in Kazakhstan. 


The volume of legal and accounting servcies has increased year-to-year by almost 60%, reports. 

Following the 1st half year, the average salary in the field of law and accounting has equalled 283.2 thousand tenges, that is by 7.2% higher that a year ago. Taking into account inflation, the purchasing power of salaries in the field has increased by 0.7%. 

To compare, the average salary in Kazakhstan is 157.1 thousand tenges, that is by 8.3% higher that a year ago (in the background of the increase of the purchasing power by 1.8% year-to-year). 

Following the 1st quarter of the present year, the volume of offical legal and accounting services has reached 23.7 billion tenges - by 59.9% higher than a year ago. 

Traditionally, the biggest volume was accounted for the financial centre - the volume of services in Almaty has made up 18.1 billion tenges, +63.2% year-to-year (that is by 76.4% of the total volume around Kazakhstan).  

3.2 billion tenegs or 13.4% of the total volume of Kazakhstan account for Astana (+77.4% over the year).  

It is noteworthy that following the official data services for the total amount of 79.2 million tenges (+10.8% compared to 2016) were provided over the entire last year. However, taking into account the evaluation of the non-observed sector, the volume of services was 91.1 billion tenges - by 17.6% higher than a year ago. 

In addition, the volume index of services following the data of the Statistics Committee has made up 95.6%.