EXPO technologies from Austria and Slovakia will be introduced in the domestic companies

13 October, 2017, 14:46 3078
EXPO technologies from Austria and Slovakia will be introduced in the domestic companies

The Kazakhstan company "KazTransOil" on transportation of oil will introduce the Austrian and Slovak technologies presented at the EXPO 2017 exposition, the deputy director of Department of operation of JSC KazTransOil Sergey Kostin at a press conference in the Government reported.

"For many years we are engaged in introduction of power resource-saving technologies, the equipment on objects of JSC KazTransOil. Within last EXPO 2017 exhibition we participated in work of expert group from the Ministry of Energy too and have visited practically all pavilions presented at the exposition, the specific technologies for the petrotransport systems were not much presented," Sergey Kostin told, BNews.kz correspondent reports.

The representative of the company has told about some projects which will be implemented at the enterprises of the organization.

"We have chosen the operating models of technologies which we have seen in pavilions of Austria, Slovakia," he noted.

For example, the heliosystems of the Solid company from Austria.

"Why we have stopped on this company? It has proved in the market of heliosystems both household purpose, and common industrial. Its equipment can be used not only for heating, but also for cooling of buildings. We have contacted representatives of the plants of this firm and intend to carry out trial tests on objects KazTransOil with further introduction, use of these systems as on buildings office, premises for service personnel, and on industrial buildings, constructions for power supply of ventilation systems, lighting, heating," Kostin told.

One more chosen technology by a Kazazakhstan organization belongs to Slovakia - the Ecocapsule company.

"They have presented the operating samples of the equipment which can be used on the route, and without use of stationary communications of heat and power supply. These ecocapsules will also be tested on objects "KazTransOil, they will be used where it is necessary to put security posts, networks of telecommunications, to perform some emergency scheduled maintenance without use of stationary sources of electric energy," Kostin shared.

Besides, KazTransOil has noted for itself the Austrian mobile solar installations which can also be used when working in the remote objects where there are no power supply communications.

"It is convenient that for a short time it is possible to develop and use her energy for the repair tool, welding some works, lighting, preparation of water, cooling, heating of rooms," the expert specified.

In conclusion Sergey Kostin told that after calculation of economic feasibility projects will be implemented on objects of the company.

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