EXPO-city apartments’ worth reaches 400 thousand tenge per sq.m

07 August, 2018, 11:59 218
EXPO-city apartments’ worth reaches 400 thousand tenge per sq.m

The cost of apartments reaches 400 thousand tenge per square meter.

In response to an official inquiry of BNews.kz, Baiterek JSC informs on a sale of 19 apartments and 14 parking places at the EXPO -2017 territory since the start of sale June 1, 2018.

Besides, 61 applications of the potential consumers are under consideration.

There is no accurate data concerning a number of apartments for sale. By the way list of free apartments for sale at the EXPO-2017 territory are available on Digital Baiterek website.

The cost of 1 square meter of housing in the EXPO-2017 territory is more than 399 thousand tenge, one parking place - 699 thousand tenge.

At the same time, one-room apartments with the area of 41.7-49.4 square meters, two-room apartments with an area of 58.9-75.1 square meters; three-room apartments with an area of 89-94.4 square meters are the most popular.

More than half of the apartments (11) were sold for cash, eight more were purchased by buyers at the expense of mortgage loans.

Bayterek Development do not exclude the sale of apartments within the program 7-20-25, initiated by President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

Currently, 200 apartments the value of which does not exceed the maximum purchase price established by the program 7-20-25 in the city of Astana (up to 25 million tenge) are under realization. In addition, in accordance with the internal rules of the JSC, apartments in the facility can be purchased at the expense of borrowed funds from second-tier banks.

During the EXPO-2017 apartments on the territory of the exhibition center were leased as hotel rooms. Baiterek Development JSC informed the apartments for sale are transferred to buyers without furniture and the corresponding equipment used by tenants of the housing. At the same time, the apartments have an electric stove and air conditioning, provided for by the construction project.

Baiterek Development JSC from June 1, 2018, put up for sale one-, two-, three- and four-room apartments on the territory of the EXPO exhibition center. The company has determined the cost of selling apartments and parking spaces with the involvement of an independent consulting company.