FIDE welcomes first-ever Kazakh representatives

09 January, 2019, 09:42 415
FIDE welcomes first-ever Kazakh representatives

The commission is comprised of 224 people from over 130 countries of the world. 

Six Kazakh nationals are enlisted among official members of the FIDE Commission, according to the press secretary of Kazakhstan Chess Federation, informs. 

The list is renewed once in three years during the World Chess Federation Presidential Council. 

Traditionally, it is prominent chess figures who hugely contributed to the culture and promotion of this intellectual game in their countries become members of the Commission. 

"The decision in favor of six Kazakh representatives is the FIDE Presidential Council's high regard for the work of Kazakhstan Chess Federation under the leadership of Galimzhan Shakhmardanovich Yessenov. During the entire time of our team's existence, a big deal of achievements to promote chess in our country have been reached, and we certainly do not intend to rest on our accomplishments," said the Federation's Executive Director Irina Grishchenko. 

Kazakhstan Chess Federation Vice President Berik Tuktybekovich Balgabayev was appointed as Assistant to FIDE President Arkady Vladimirovich Dvorkovich. Kazakhstan Chess Federation Vice President Vice Zhandos Abishev has become a member of the Events Commission. Kazakhstan Chess Federation Executive Director Irina Grishchenko - a member of the Social Action Commission. Grandmaster and chess master of international class Yevgeniy Vladimirov - a member of the FIDE Education Commision.   

World and Asian champion, Grandmaster Darmen Sadvakassov - a member of the FIDE Global Strategy Commission. World champion, Grandmaster and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Dinara Saduakassova - a member of the FIDE Rules Commission, female master of international class, member of the national team of Kazakhstan Gulmira Dauletova has become a member of the Commission by the drawing of lots. 

"This year opens more opportunities for Kazakhstan. And it is not only about developing chess within the country. Kazakhstan Chess Federation is now able to influence FIDE's decisions, including key issues. It is a significant stride ahead implying our country's huge potential on the world chess arena," said Zhandos Abishev. 

Kazakhstan is third in terms of the number of representatives, after Russian and the United States.   

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