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FIFA World Cup will lead to increase a drug traffic through Kazakhstan - police officers

04 October, 2017, 16:58 207
FIFA World Cup will lead to increase a drug traffic through Kazakhstan - police officers

The FIFA World Cup will become the main sports event of next year. But at the same time the FIFA World Cup can turn back in deterioration of a criminal situation. The Russian police officers predict that in days of holding the championship through border of Russia and Kazakhstan the stream of illegal transportation of drugs will increase.

In Semey the meeting of law enforcement officers on transport of the border areas of Kazakhstan and Russia which has brought together representatives of the East Kazakhstan and Pavlodar regions and also Altai Krai of the Russian Federation has taken place. Methods of fight against drug trafficking became one of the main subjects of discussion, correspondent reported.

"Drug trafficking is done from year to year by more and more mass character. The geopolitical position of Kazakhstan is actively used as a transit corridor for transportation of heroin from Afghanistan to Russia and further to Europe," the first deputy chief of LOVD at the Semey station Andrey Vinter emphasized.

Russia also doesn't deny obvious things. Moreover, according to law enforcement officers, problems will be added by the forthcoming FIFA World Cup which final part will pass in Russia in the summer of next year. For the first time the most popular football championship will take place in the country located at the same time in Europe and Asia. Whether it is worth saying that the FIFA World Cup in the territory of Russia will attract huge number of fans from the next countries. Under this cover also drug dealers will stretch through border. 

"Thorough discussion is demanded by questions of drug trafficking, and in the run-up to the FIFA World Cup, I think, this question will rise at the head of a corner in the territory both Russia, and Kazakhstan," the chief of the Altai linear Department of MIA of the Russian Federation Artem Kirpichenko said.

According to the Russian law enforcement officers on transport, most often in border areas two countries transportation of drugs is found in trains following of Almaty-Novosibirsk. In this regard the Russian side has suggested to communicate about persons who have ever been detained in connection with illegal sale of drugs that will allow to define initially people with criminal "pathology" in the sphere of drug trafficking already when crossing of border by them.

"It would also be desirable to make exchange of information on online stores which carry out sale of drugs in the territory of our countries. Those who work in field services perfectly understand the scheme of e-wallets. Besides, there were other organizations through which it is possible to transfer funds for drugs, and Internet sale as a result turns out. It is a global problem of both states," Artem Kirpichenko emphasized.  

In addition, law enforcement officers on transport have decided to leave in legislative authorities of two countries with the offer on development of documents which would allow to organize joint investigation and search operations and to control over illegal supply of drugs.

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