Film 'Amre' receives Silver Screen Award at Hollywood Film Festival

22 October, 2018, 17:36 1301
Film 'Amre' receives Silver Screen Award at Hollywood Film Festival

Now, as the film has received the award, it will compete with 16 states in the final for the main award of the Festival 


In the first stage of the Hollywood Film Festival international film festival's contest, that will take place in the period from October 23 to 28 in Los Angeles, the 'Amre' film has received Silver Screen Award, reports referring to a press service of JSC Kazakhfilm named after Sh. Aimanov.

A number of films from each member state were submitted as nominees for Silver Screen Award, of which one winner will be defined. 

Kazakhstan's six films were submitted - three films and three short films. In addition to 'Amre', other three films by JSC 'Kazakhfilm', they are 'Satash' by Tulegen Baitukenov and 'El Freeman' by Eljazz Rakhimbekov in the feature films section, and 'Asan' by Berik Zhakhanov in the short films section. Now the film 'Amre', being the winner of the first stage and winner of Silver Screen Award, will compete with films from 16 states, including France, Germany, Chile, Japan and Sweden. The film will be presented by director Jeff Vespa at the Film Festival. 

Photo credit: press service of JSC Kazakhfilm named after Sh.Aimanov

The Hollywood Film Festival has held since 1997 and aims at searching new young talents, as well as to promote independent films. 

"We know that great stories change the world, and we believe that our world needs great changes. We also know that Hollywood is an influential and efficient environment for stories from independent filmmakers who are the next generation of great interpreters of our global culture," the organizers of Hollywood Film Festival commented. 

Photo credit: press service of JSC Kazakhfilm named after Sh.Aimanov 

The film is about a legendary Kazakh tenor Amre Kashaubayev was shot jointly with film studio Kazakhfilm and Darplay company following the order of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Kazakhstan. 

Also, the film 'Amre' took part in Woodstock Film Festival held in New York from October 10 to 14, during which the film was presented by artist Sanzhar Madi who played the central role in the film. According to him, all tickets for the film's screenings within the Festival have already been sold out, the film enjoyed the great interest of the American public. 

"We did everything we could. We showed the film and made it international. The audience was glad, which is above all," said Sanzhar Madi sharing his impression on the Woodstock Film Festival. 

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