Finance Ministry notifies of online payment taxes without EDS

03 August, 2018, 09:52 294
Finance Ministry notifies of online payment taxes without  EDS

 New service of allows paying all taxes and obligatory payments. correspondent informs that launches new service allowing to pay all taxes and obligatory payments to the budget without authorization and EDS (electronic digital signing)

To make a payment you are to click portion Taxes and Finances – Payments - Payment of taxes and other mandatory payments to the budget – and click button Pay online

Following the introduction of the IIN / BIN of the taxpayer, the name of the state revenue body, the amount of payment, the budget classification code, the system will automatically propose to go to the tax payment portion. After the completion of the whole procedure, an electronic check will be provided confirming the fact of payment.

Besides, the taxpayer has the opportunity to authorize himself as an individual and pay taxes to a legal entity by filling in the data of the BIN and vice versa.

Earlier only three types of taxes for individuals such as property tax, vehicle tax, land tax were available for payment on the portal of "e-government" website.

Currently, the taxpayer can pay 18 types of taxes including:

- corporate income tax;

- individual income tax;

- social tax;

- tax on the property of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs;

- land tax;

- tax on vehicles of legal entities;

- Unified land tax;

- value-added tax;

- excises;

- special payments and taxes of subsoil users;

- Rent tax for export;

- tax on the gambling business;

- Fixed tax;

- fees;

- fees;

- customs payments;

- Other payments and duties.

It should be noted the analogue service will be launched at the website of the State Revenue Committee the end of the 2018 year.