Finnish companies to help in modernizing Kazakhstan's housing and communal services

26 October, 2018, 11:23 416
Finnish companies to help in modernizing Kazakhstan's housing and communal services

The attraction of foreign companies will increase energy efficiency in the sector, as well as will enable to develop innovations in the area of construction. 

Within the visit of President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev to Finland, the leadership of JSC 'KazCentre ZhKKh' signed a memorandum of cooperation with large Finnish companies 'AINS Group' and 'Onninen Oy'. The sides agreed to implement joint projects aiming at developing and upgrading the infrastructure and housing complex of Kazakhstan. They in the press service of the company informed, reports. 

AINS Group is a construction and engineering company, that implements projects under the concept 'keys in hand' in the field of construction management in 60 states of the world. Within cooperation with JSC 'KazCentre ZhKKh', the company will transfer new technologies, such as BIM technologies, mathematical modelling, 3D visualization and artificial intelligence. Such solutions will enable to qualitatively imrpove the projecting process, the verification of correspondence to technical specifics, precise calculation of cost and time of construction of facilities. 

"To implement the mentioned events, 'AINS Group' company has expressed readiness to acquire 10% of our subsidiary organization 'Scientific and research institute of model and experimental projecting LLP', as well as to actively take part in the development of legal framework to introduce BIM-technologies," said Adilkhan Umerbayev, the First Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC 'KazCentre ZhKKh'. 

Onninen Oy is a large Finnish company that carries out complex deliveries of engineering equipment for heating, water and electricity supply, sanitation, ventilation and telecommunication. During the talks, representatives of the two sides defined four strategic directions for cooperation and set a primary task, which is to implement projects on construction and modernization of complexes of water waste treatment plants and clearing constructions in Kazakhstan's cities. Also, the agreement to jointly develop proposals to amend standards and the building code regulating the functioning of sewerage treatment facilities in Kazakhstan, and to possibly locate production of equipment.  
Works to attract foreign companies to introduce new technologies is conducted by 'KazCentre ZhKKh' within the implementation of the Strategic Plan of the Ministry for Investments and Development of Kazakhstan for 2017-21 in the field of energy efficiency improvement in architecture, urban development and construction. 

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