Firuza Sharipova to fight with unwhipt Spanish rival

31 July, 2018, 15:22 1142
Firuza Sharipova to fight with unwhipt Spanish rival

The fight scheduled for September 8 in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Kazakhstan’s female boxer Firuza Sharipova told about preparation for the fight for the WBO champion belt against unwhipt Spanish Miriam Gutiérrez, correspondent reports.

Finally, the fight should take place on September 4. However, the data of the fight has been changed. Two boxers will compete for WBO champion belt.

It should be noted Mrs. Sharipova in case of victory may become the first in Kazakhstan world champion in three weight categories. Previously, she won this title in the 61.2 kg and 59 kg weight categories.

"I was preparing for the fight, which was to take place on August 4, went through several stages of fees, but the day before we were informed that the fight was postponed, so I flew home at once. I spent a couple of days with my family, and soon I will go back to Moscow, prepare for battle," Firuza Sharipova commented.

According to the Kazakh athlete, Miriam Gutierrez is quite a dangerous opponent.

The style of the Spanish boxer is very kicky. She moves a lot. Hooks prevail in her manner of boxing… I will fight in other weight category but I’m assured of my own and my team,” Firuza noted.

Besides, the Kazakh boxer does not rule out that in the future she can fight with the WBC World Champion in the second semi-lightweight title Eva Wahlström.

As reported earlier her last fight Firuza Sharipova defeated the Belgian Jamill Gontaruk (13-5-1, 2 KOs), winning the vacant titles of WBC Silver and IBO.